Landed Vs Condo for Cayman Residences at East Coast

Condos- condominiums are on high demand due to their location in urban centers hence making them a great bargain to rent them out. This creates an investment opportunity for landed properties such as Cayman Residences by Pinnacle Assets located at East Coast Avenue.

Parkway Parade is among the famous shopping centers situated close to this property. Since it has a large client catchment region, it offers various anchor tenants. The mall has undergone some renovation where such amenities as cinema have been incorporated. This remains a known shopping center because of its accessible location and various shops & car parking areas in the mall.

Landed- this properties are on low demand when it comes to renting due their big size and also there location. They are hard to find one in an urban area.
Condos- due to they are under commercial title they come with different restrictions and rules that are written like no pets and also they have limited parking space.

Condo Vs Landed for Cayman Residences in East Coast

Landed- this landed property owner own their title of the land. This comes as a bargain to them to do or keep whatever they would wish.
Condos- people living in condos can live with no worries of being infested by any pest or animals. Reason being they live in a non conducive area for pest and animals, also they have a maintenance package that deals with any infestation if any detected.
Landed- due to the tropical climate and location of their properties animals and pest like rats and roaches tend to invade their homes. Hence making them to call the pest and animal control company or have the scheduled on regular basis.

Landed Property or Condominiums for Property Investors

Condos- due to this condos being in densely populated area, people tend to interact more. This is made possible as to they have to share common social amenities such as the bar, gym, and many more.
Landed- landed owners have a very limited chance of socializing due to the scarce population living around them. They also tend to enjoy their quiet serenity. Also the amenities such as swimming pools and gyms are accessible at the comfort of their homes. this makes them interact rarely.

Landed Properties Cayman Residences Pinnacle Assets

When it comes to choosing to which property to purchase or own, it will entirely depend on your lifestyle. Also depends on what your current status is and priorities. so whichever you choose check your financial and flexibility capabilities your future plans.