East Coast Park Beside Cayman Residences

Singapore is almost synonymous with beaches. And when you get the opportunity to have anouting by the beach. Is that truly not an �Icing on the cake’. The East Coast Park tenders you this opportunity by offering 185 hectares of activity park along the beach. It is situated on the southern coast. The East Coast Park is developed from reclaimed land by the government of Singapore. Hence, it is categorized as a human-made beach. It is operational since its opening in 1970. Cayman Residences is located right next to East Coast Park which is a landed property and is of freehold tenure.

This is a landmark in Singapore for various outdoor games and also gatherings for the family. It is a known place due to its wide variety of options for dining and the outdoor games that are available. The Park stretches from Marina East to Bedok. You should know however that the East Coast Park has been built on a reclaimed piece of land. This is a perfect place for fishing and also holding parties. There are similarly several food centers and chalets that are available for the visitors that would wish to spend their night at the park. The park is a perfect dining spot for both visitors and locals. The diners can opt having an outdoor diner as they enjoy the East Coast breeze.

East Coast Park Beside Cayman Residences

As it is a park, so all the standard activities are available. However, certain specialties offered include:

– Mini Golf course: This indoor golf course at the park is spread over 10,000 sq. feet and is coined as LilliPutt. It has a total of 18-holes and does have some snazzy attractions. Like the eyes of the dragon lighting up upon the ball entering the hole.

– Cycling and Skating:The East coast park offers a 15-km long cycling and skating track. Whilst indulging in some physical activity you may also watch the beauty of the sea as it runs along the coast.

– Resort: In case you prefer to spend extended time at the park. You may choose from 195 units at the in-house Goldkist Beach Resort.

East Coast Park Activities

– Overnight Camping: For the lovers of moon, stars and the outdoors. The East Park resort does have the option of overnight camping in selected earmarked areas. However, you need to secure a permit from the park authorities. This can be conveniently obtained from their website.

Cayman Residences Landed Property in East Coast Singapore

Other facilities at the park include a food court, bowling alley and a billiard saloon at the Marine Cove. You may indulge in some street food at the Food Center replete with local hawkers. Certainly, they have their own seafood center as well. And you may also enjoy fishing at the Bedok Jetty. That summarizes some of the offerings at the East Coast Park. But, please be advised that, the aforementioned are just some of the offerings. You may have to visit, relax and unwind at the park to experience everything first hand.