Victoria Junior College Near to Cayman Residences

The idea for Victoria Junior College came about in the 1970s. The first batch came in 1984. At that time, the Principal was Mrs. Lee Phui Mun.

Victoria Junior College has made a name for itself. This is because it has implemented several new initiatives that have been outlined in the Singapore education system. Till 2005, this was the only Junior college that was providing the Theater Studies and Dance Program. This had started in 1989. Victoria Junior College East Coast is near to Cayman Residences East Coast which is also near to East Coast Park

Victoria Junior College East Coast

During the international choir competition held in Wales in 1991, the Victoria Junior College was the first choir from Singapore to have won the title.

In 1992, the symphonic band of Victoria Junior College became the first school from Singapore that was invited at the Japan Band Clinic, which is a highly prestigious event. This is not all.

Victoria Junior College excels in academics too. In 2002, they opened the East Zone Science and Technology Center. Hence it has become the center for all the East Zone schools for doing research in science and technology. In 2004, this was the first school from Singapore to send its school team to the International Science and Engineering Fair.

The one, two and three bedroom apartments will have one side facing Marine Parade road and the other upper East Coast road. Each side will have amazing view since there are no tall buildings blocking it.

Victoria Junior College Near to Cayman Residences

In this way, the school has maintained a rich tradition of excellence. This has been a result of its devoted leadership. In 2001, the leadership was handed over to Mrs. Chan Khah Gek. She had been the chemistry teacher here earlier. She continues this tradition of excellence in varied fields in Victoria Junior College. Under her able leadership, Victoria Junior College continues to win several awards in different fields.

Victor Junior College Established Educational Institution

In 2004, the Learning Hub was established at Victoria Junior College. In the year 2005, Victoria Junior College had its first batch of students under the Victoria Integrated Programme. This was a major milestone for the school.

It is quite evident that Victoria Junior College is a visionary school. It continues on its path of excellence.

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